BrowserQuests™ Project Blog

An All New Interface! (November 2019)

After nearly two months of re-design and development, an all-new user interface has been implemented into the BrowserQuests™ system! Gone is the extremely clunky and time-consuming grouping of command menus that once was displayed below the GameMaster (GM) prose. Instead, an easier-to-use collection of command-based buttons and dropdowns now appears within a right column of the interface, options that are typically context-dependent and simplified so that most responses to the game require just a single click or dropdown selection (more involved options--such as casting a spell on a particular target--utilize a quick modal window instead). The new approach is much faster and more intuitive and should significantly enhance the overall player experience!

Two other major improvements have been implemented as well. First, the party mapping system has been removed from the central tabbed area (where it was hidden) and is now displayed within its own left column directly on the game's central interface. This allows the player to visually identify where the party is located at all times without having to click a tab to find out. Second, the entire interface has been rebuilt to make the game much more mobile-friendly; while the desktop presentation is still the best option, the game can now reasonably be played on a tablet and even a newer phone (in landscape mode).

So, if you had recently tried the BrowserQuests™ game and were originally disappointed with its visual interface and clunky menu system, give it another try and see what you think!