BrowserQuests™ Project Blog

New Party Management Options (December 2019)

Introducing party management to BrowserQuests!™ Until now, when new players would begin the game they would be randomly assigned a hero, and once additional heroes were recruited into the adventuring party they were there for good--there was no way to "un-hire" them so a different hero could be recruited instead.

Now, new players are allowed to select which hero they wish to play, choosing from all the recruitable NPCs available within the BrowserQuests™ database (eight currently but many more are planned). New players initially see the entire list (in groups of four) but can narrow their search by class, race and gender. Each hero's name, portrait, class, race, gender, attributes (strength, wisdom, intelligence, dexterity, constitution and charisma) and brief biography are provided, allowing the player to be selective regarding which hero to play. Note that players are not allowed to create custom heroes from scratch, as each is already provided with a personality that is not meant to be random.

Once the player begins to recruit heroes into his adventuring party (by visiting special guild-based locations within a city), those heroes can now be removed from the party if desired as well (to potentially make room for different heroes in the future). As BrowserQuests™ is just getting started, there will be no initial need to remove heroes just yet but the functionality now exists.

Additionally, players can now reset the entire game if desired! Near the bottom of the MANAGE PARTY modal window is a "Reset Party" button. When that is clicked (along with a subsequent "Are you sure?" button to prevent players from accidentally deleting their entire party), the entire game is reset; all heroes are removed, inventory is reset and play reverts back to the very first encounter within the game. Hence, if you've tried BrowserQuests before and want to start all over, a mechanism now exists to do that!