A Single-Player, Persistent-World, Browser-Based Text Role-Playing Game (RPG) Project Under Development Since 2014

For Players

Create a hero, build an adventuring team and quest throughout an ever-growing "old school" fantasy world!

For Authors

Develop RPG content with our online toolset and help build a fantasy world to be enjoyed by thousands of players!

For Developers

Lend your .NET/SQL Server programming and CSS/graphic design skills to support the RPG and help make it better!

For Marketers

Purchase small banner ads that rotate throughout the player experience and target key demographics!


Create an Adventuring Party and Explore the Online World of Sisalus!

In "Classic RPG" fashion, recruit heroes into your party, explore the world, obtain quests and seek your destiny, all through a modern browser.

Screenshot of the BrowserQuests player interface

Beta Version Now Available!

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