The Music of BrowserQuests™

Original Convictions music CD cover artworkThe music provided within the BrowserQuests™ (BQ) RPG was originally composed and scored by Merek Royce Press (New York City) for Scott Huelsman's MediaNovel "Convictions" back in the late 1990s. Over the course of fifteen literary chapters, Merek beautifully captured the essence of the story in nearly 200 short (45-60 second) music clips, played in the background while a reader enjoyed the story. These music clips have been brought into the BrowserQuests™ RPG and automatically play in the background as well (although mobile devices require that a "play" button be tapped first before the music will download and play).

Music CD/Slideshow

Later in the project, Merek went back and scored a highly original music CD, 14 individual tracks of music that essentially summarized the story (and was set to a Flash-driven slideshow). Hence, the reader could listen to the music, see relevant images and review short blurbs of text all at the same time, essentially telling the story with graphics and music instead of thousands of words of text.

So, if you enjoy the music, drop Merek a quick email and let him know!