Possessions: Consumables

Perishable items or equipment (such as rations, torches and waterskins) that have a finite useful life and must eventually be replaced:

Possession Weight Worth Brief Description
Coal Brick 5 lbs 25 cp This blackish rock is dirty to the touch and even has a bit of an odor.
Glowing Skull 2 lbs 100 gp This strange object appears to be a halfling skull and glows with a weak magical light. When uncovered, it's enough light to see by in the dark.
Rations 1 lbs 1 gp Each use provides one day of full nourishment to a single hero.
Torch 1 lbs 15 cp When lit, a torch can illuminate an otherwise-darkened encounter area fairly well, negating any combat penalties caused by darkness.
Vial of Holy Water 0.5 lbs 10 gp Clean water that has been sanctified by a higher-level cleric, holy water is bane to the undead and does 1d8 points of damage when used against them.
Waterskin 1 lbs 1 gp Each use provides one day of full watery refreshment to a single hero.