Cultural Overview of Mairiga

Like any large civilization, the people of Mairiga have developed a unique culture, based upon Sisla's outdated Code and further twisted through the combined arrogance of the Inner Circle and the deliberate misguidance of the Sislan Way.


Sophisticated technology has been all but abandoned in preference to a combination of nature, magic and ingenuity. Although Mairigans are permitted to slightly alter natural materials to make them much more suitable to their needs, artificial creations are illegal and strictly taboo. In fact, many inhabitants of the world flaunt their creativity by employing as little technology as possible. Some (including many halflings and all dark-elves) see nothing wrong with technology and openly defy one of the rare traditions that both Truistics and the Sislans agree on.

Needs of the Few

While one of Sisla’s original mantras was a focus on society in general, that perspective has been all but abandoned as the Sislan Utopia itself continues to crumble. Now, most humans of Mairiga believe that until Sisla returns, it’s a “dog-eat-dog” world and everyone must look out only for themselves.

Wizardry Disgrace

Magic is the “living energy” that exists and pervades all creatures and objects of the world. This energy can be controlled and harnessed by the reborn mind, which effectively transforms mere thought into reality—the more emotionally charged and spirited the wizard, the more powerful her magic. Because wizards are so powerful yet relatively few, many are now seen as “corrupt” and are quite disliked, often blamed for everything that’s gone wrong within society.

Faith of the Sislan Way

The most recognized human religion in all Mairiga—by far—is the Sislan Way, which rivals even the power of the Inner Circle itself. Accordingly, most humans continue to see Sisla as a divine goddess and worship her as if she still controls present events. Such “Sislans” are so devout that they cannot tolerate even the presence of those who do not believe and countless stories abound of the Church behaving in secret, even subversive ways.

Spiritual Attainment

Most Mairigans believe in an afterlife that is reached only through “Attainment” (upon the death of the mortal body, those beings “worthy” of the honor become SPIRITS of the land and dwell in peace and harmony with Sisla forever). Ghost-like in appearance, these spirits are the metaphysical remains of once living beings that, because of highly courageous or altruistic acts just before death, continue to grace the immediate areas of their passing. Some believe that Sisla herself merely became a spirit after her passing, and not the absolute goddess the Sislan Way chooses to portray.

Absolute Law

Rules, laws and codes must be obeyed always and without question. Since Sisla herself developed The Code, it must be correct and thus can never be changed regardless of the situation. Many honorable inhabitants of Mairiga would prefer death to direct violation of The Code.