Possessions: Potions

Magical liquids that confer some sort of (typically temporary) effect:

Possession Weight Worth Brief Description
Potion of Cold Resistance 0.1 lbs 100 gp Grants a creature temporary immunity to cold. Minor cold (such as exposure to winter weather in inadequate clothing) is ignored by the affected creature.
Potion of Control Human 0.25 lbs 400 gp Makes a humanoid creature of 4 hit dice or less regard the caster as its trusted friend and ally.
Potion of Fear Antidote 0.25 lbs 25 cp For humans afflicted with The Fear, this brownish potion--concocted by the local Sislan Church--will temporarily remove any fear-related symptoms they may be experiencing.
Potion of Healing 0.1 lbs 25 gp Small vial of clear liquid that, when imbibed, returns 1-8 lost hit points of damage.
Potion of Invulnerability 0.1 lbs 2500 gp Grants a bonus of +2 to Armor Class.