Any encounter area (but frequently those within dungeons and ruins) can contain traps, fiendish devices both mechanical and magical in nature and designed to repel, harm and even kill the unwary. Many can be found and disabled before they are triggered, while some (especially magical traps) are nearly impossible to detect. Most traps allow some sort of saving throw that allows heroes to avoid or at least reduce the effect of the trap being sprung.

Trap Detection

Normal characters have a chance equal to a roll of 1 on 1d6 (about 17%) to detect a trap if a search for one is made within the current encounter area. Thieves have a special ability to find and remove traps which supersedes this roll, based on their level (a first level thief can find/remove traps 20% of the time, while a tenth level thief can do so 63% of the time). Encounter areas can only be searched a single time, but all characters within the adventuring party will receive a chance to find any hidden traps (and if one is found, all thieves within the party will be granted a chance to automatically disarm the trap).

Trap Types

A very loud alarm is triggered! Not only is its sound almost deafening, but now there will be no possibility of surprising the next group of creatures you meet.
A hidden, mounted crossbow shoots an arrow at the party!
A sharp blade drops down from a hidden niche in the ceiling!
Blinding Light
With a loud snap, a bright light goes off, potentially blinding anyone who looked at it.
A hidden cage falls atop the party, potentially trapping them!
Falling Stone
Rocks fall from the ceiling!
A wide, sharp blade slices downwards, potentially damaging several heroes within the party!
Lightning Bolt
A powerful surge of energy electrocutes roughly half the party!
Obvious Ceiling
The old ceiling collapses, raining wood and plaster down!
Poison Dart
A spring-loaded dart launcher shoots a small but deadly dart at the party!
Poison Gas
Poison gas is released, filling the immediate area with lethal gas!
Poison Needle
A tiny, spring-loaded needle pops out toward a hero!
Rolling Boulder
A spherical rock suddenly starts rolling down a slanted corridor and directly into the adventuring party!
Shallow Pit
The floor gives way, revealing a shallow pit trap underneath!
A sharp spear jabs out of a concealed panel in the wall.