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Welcome to the World of Sisalus!

Map of Mairiga, primary continent of the world of SisalusThe lone BrowserQuests™ fantasy world is known as “Sisalus” in reference to Sisla the Deliverer who rescued humanity ten centuries earlier from a horrible war and, according to most, became a goddess (or, perhaps, was already a goddess). While the planet had been devastated by a global extinction event, humanoids (humans, elves, dwarves, halflings and the like) have rebounded from its near destruction and today dominate most other species, vying for power and control.

The primary continent of "Mairiga" (where all game play initially takes place) is roughly 75% the size of North America today, and is politically divided into sixty or so separate countries, dominated by a particular humanoid, demi-human (half-elf, half-ogre or half-orc) or even monstrous race and each region possessing a central capital city and philosophical outlook on the world.

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