Game Commands

A wide variety of commands exist within the BrowserQuests™ RPG system, options to convey a multitude of needs, selections and choices while playing the game. Many of these commands are context dependent (they’re only displayed during relevant circumstances) while others (such as asking the adventuring party for advice) are always available.

Game Command Groupings

Altogether, the game commands are divided into three general groupings:

  • Primary Options - Displays specific, most-important options depending upon the current game mode and particular set of circumstances. These are displayed in a solid blue color.
  • Secondary Options - Provides general support options for the adventuring party (asking for advice or searching an object, for example). These are displayed in a highlight blue color.
  • Hero Options - Orders a particular hero to perform a specific task (such as casting a spell, using an item or invoking a special ability). These are displayed in a highlight teal color.

All game commands are displayed to the player within the Response panel, provided as a collection of appropriate, context-sensitive buttons and dropdown menus. WHICH of these buttons and dropdowns are displayed depend upon the current game mode.

Game Command Modes

Four distinct game modes determine which actual commands are made available to the player, grouped as introduced above. Commands are provided in alphabetical order from left to right: