Possessions Introduction

Player characters (PCs) and the non-playing character (NPC) heroes that together constitute an adventuring party require both money and possessions to quest with and succeed. This section of the BrowserQuests™ RPG ruleset introduces the wide diversity of coins, gems, jewelry, weapons, armor, potions and sundry other items available to characters within the game.


Monetary values are usually expressed in gold pieces. In addition to gold coins, there are coins made of platinum, silver, electrum (an alloy of gold and silver) and copper. They are valued as follows:

Note that 100 coins (of any type) collectively weigh one pound.

Possession Categories

All items within the RPG are assigned a possession category and grouped together by general purpose (such as gems, shields and wands). Click a possession category below to learn more!

  • Ammunition - Arrows, bolts or stones used as ammunition with an equipped missile weapon.
  • Armor - Bodily protection that can be worn and removed as needed.
  • Clothing - Standard clothing, robes, arctic gear and other garments typically worn by adventurers.
  • Coins - Tiny, flat, circular chips made of a precious metal (such as copper, silver or gold).
  • Consumables - Perishable items or equipment (such as rations, torches and waterskins) that have a finite useful life.
  • Gems - A precious stone or similar hard object pulled from the ground, typically shaped and polished to perfection.
  • Jewelry - Treasures that consist of mixed gems, precious metals and other ornamentation.
  • Keys - Required to open locked objects (associated with a particular encounter area within the RPG).
  • Maps - Displays a full map (grid) of the associated continent, country or location.
  • Potions - A magical liquid that confers some sort of (typically temporary) effect.
  • Quest Items - A unique item that must be captured by the adventuring party in order to complete an associated quest.
  • Rings - Small band of metal (often with magical properties) that fits snugly around a finger.
  • Scrolls - A magical sheet of paper that, when read, confers some sort of effect.
  • Shields - Additional protection—grasped with one hand—that can deflect incoming blows and missiles.
  • Tools - A device that, when deployed, either confers some sort of effect or resolves an encounter area.
  • Wands - A highly magical wooden rod that, when deployed, confers some sort of effect.
  • Weapons - Melee or ranged possession used to deal damage to a character’s enemies.