Spells Introduction

Magic is an essential component of any fantasy role-playing game, and in the BrowserQuests™ system magic can primarily be utilized by clerics and magic-users. During opportunities of rest (at least six hours of sleep), clerics can pray to their deity for spellpower (and learn selected spells according to their level--see the cleric class for details) while magic-users can study from their spellbooks to reacquire their own spellcasting abilities (see the magic-user class for details). Certain magical items and even normal, mundane items can convey spell-like powers and abilities as well.

Cleric Spells

Cleric receive their spells through faith and prayer. Because of this, clerics can prepare any spell of any level he or she is able to cast. There are six entire levels of spells available to clerics:

  • First Level Cleric Spells
  • Second Level Cleric Spells
  • Third Level Cleric Spells
  • Fourth Level Cleric Spells
  • Fifth Level Cleric Spells
  • Sixth Level Cleric Spells

Magic-User Spells

Magic-users cast spells through the exercise of knowledge and will and prepare their spells by study of their spellbooks (unique to each individual magic-user). Hence, magic-users can only prepare spells that are already recorded within his or her spellbook. Like clerics, six levels of spells are available to magic-users:

  • First Level Magic-User Spells
  • Second Level Magic-User Spells
  • Third Level Magic-User Spells
  • Fourth Level Magic-User Spells
  • Fifth Level Magic-User Spells
  • Sixth Level Magic-User Spells